Destiny turns her body intangible as she leaps through a robot. She then aims her gun behind her and fires right at the head of the robot, completely blowing it off.

Ghost Energy

Grey lightning pulses around her guns. Her body surrounds itself with a grey aura as she aims her guns at Yuki. She fires two grey shadow snakes that fly towards Yuki. They attach themselves to Yuki's arms, causing her to scream in pain. "Target acquired." Destiny says. Her guns tremble and shake violently in her hands. The aura around her begins to fluctuate as grey lightning surrounds her. The energy disperses as she takes aim at Yuki. "Bye, bye" Destiny says as she fires the blast. As the blast moves towards Yuki, she struggles to get out the way. Each attempt of escape ends with her being shocked by the snakes. She tries to turn her body into titanium, but it quickly fades away. The blast engulfs her, slowly rotating. It begins to pick up speed, causing high winds. The sphere stops rotating and starts sucking things up. The sphere of energy starts sucking itself in before imploding. The sphere implodes, with the sound of Yuki's screams heard as the grey energy flies everywhere. Yuki falls to the ground, with a thud.

Dragon Energy

"Please forgive me" Psalm says as she fires the energy sphere point blank at Destiny. As the blast rapidly approaches Destiny, Destiny quickly ducks down and slides on her knees to dodge the blast. She slides towards Psalm, with the sphere in hand. Destiny pushes the sphere of energy into Psalm's stomach. The sphere morphs into a long dragon made of gray energy and carries Psalm into the air. Psalm yells in pain as the dragon forces her higher and higher into the air. After a few seconds, the dragon explodes into a sphere of gray energy, completely consuming Psalm. Psalm falls from the sphere, completely unconscious. Before she hits the ground, Destiny catches her.