Who are the Dragons?

The Dragons are the most powerful of the spiritual beings, as well as direct children of Erebus. Each one excelled at one of the 12 realms of color. When at full power they were able to enhance their bodies to resemble that of a humanoid dragon. This included their hair stiffen up, as well as their teeth and nails becoming sharper. Their eyes would also change, becoming more reptilian like. When Yin and Yang sought to destroy the Tasanlons for their treatment of the Devianlons, the Dragons, as well as Deumos, stepped in, with hopes to stop Yin and Yang. At the cost of their physical bodies, they were able to defeat Yin and Yang, sealing them away. They roamed the planet, looking for hosts that were worthy of their power. Those who would be powerful enough to be choosen as the host, would be granted with powerful abilities. When the host and the dragon connect spiritually, they unlock dragon mode, which allows for the user to take on some of the abilties of the Dragons at Full Power.

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