Scenario 1A

When it comes to negativty, there's nothing more negative than hate. This is not to say that you're a hateful person but when you do feel this feeling of hate, tell, me what drives your it? Is it the failure of mankind, and the way they treat others? As humans are we not allowed to make mistakes? With lives as long as ours, life simply cannot be perfect, so I ask again, what drives your hate. Is it pure hatred that lies within you? The dislike of people? What truly causes it? Is it your own pride and the way others treat you? Or is it the flaws of humanity in itself? Or is it that this hatred is for yourself? Do you love yourself, or find yourself believing you can or should be doing more. Now say that someone new comes up to you, and you find yourself questioning who this person is, and what their motivations are. No matter how hard you try, you can't help but develope a hatred for this person so tell me. Do you embrace this hatred and allow the hate to consume you? Or do you fear it and try to fight back against it.