Full name

Jasmine Desiree


  • 17 (The Desiree’s)
  • 22 (Devianlon Force)
  • 24 (Devianlon Force A World Divided)
  • 24 (Devianlon Force Extinction)
  • 27 (Intergalactic Protection Force) (Current)
  • Bio

    Jasmine was the only child of Arson. After the battle of Cargonia City, Jasmine reunited with her cousin Dust. Together, the two took over as leaders of the Devianlon Force. With Ray missing for over 2 years, Jasmine went out to look for Ray. Luckily she was able to find him, and just in time to help him out. However the two of them stood no match against Erebus, and Yin and Yang. After retreating, both her and Ray worked together to defeat the Deathtalons and save their friends. With the little bit of peace earned, Jasmine married Ray, but made sure to stay prepared for the day Erebus would return.


    For a long time, Jasmine always struggled with her shyness, and self expression. When it came to her feelings towards Ray , she could never bring herself up to telling him. Her time as leader helped to quickly change that, bringing her a newfound confidence. With everything she’s been through, she’s now willing to speak her mind, although she still has her moments of self doubt. She is also one to have love for the people around her, forgiving those who have wronged her before. She doesn’t believe in grudges and thinks that everyone is capable of redemption. She’s also not afraid to back down from a fight, even if her opponter is far beyond her realm of strength. She firmly believes in her ideals and will fight to protect them.


    White Dragon(Partial/50%)

    With Vazzei picking Jasmine as the host, Jasmine has gained access to an ability that only 11 others share. As Jasmine’s spirit connects with Vazzei, she gains access to the dragon realm, allowing to manipulate and create white dragon energy, such as white flames. While in this form, the user’s eyes become reptilian like, resembling that of a lizard. Their hair stiffens up, while their nails and teeth become slightly sharper. Through the use of energy, scales may appear on the body, especially if the form is stretched to its limits. This mode is the first one obtained by dragon user and acts as a gateway to the mastered version. This form is only 50% of what mastered dragon mode can do, but this does add a buff to strength and adds more durability, allowing for the user to heal faster as well as have more endurance.

    White Dragon (Mastered/100%)

    This is the upgraded version of the first form of Dragon. This is attained by reaching 100% synchronization with the dragon within them. This form greatly increases the user’s speed, strength, elemental use, recovery, and allows for the use of dragon energy in a greater capacity. Signs of mastery include the user’s hair turning a snowy white color.


    Physical Description

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