Full Name

Jorden Fantasia


  • 16 (Destiny and Jorden)
  • 21 (Devianlon Force)
  • 23 (Devianlon Force A World Divided)
  • 23 (Devianlon Force Extinction)
  • 27 (Intergalactic Protection Force) (Current)
  • Bio

    Born to the king and queen of Allunia, Zahra and Iman Fantasia, Jorden and his twin sister Destiny were expected to takeover the thrown once they reached the age of 18. However at the age of 16, Jorden wanted to become a member of the Devianlon Force, along with his sister. During the battle of Cargonia City, Jorden gave his life to protect his twin sister Destiny. Luckily for him, his life was spared, and he then took over as the fighting king of Allunia. During his reign as king, he gave aid to Ray in order to help save his former teamamtes. After a successful mission, Jorden went back to Allunia, where both him and his wife Luna, watched over Luna. With the ever looming threat of Erebus on his mind, Jorden made sure to be prepared for the incoming war.


    Jordan is a level headed individual, who just like his sister enjoys a good fight. Both him and Destiny developed a rivalry, trying their best to become better than they already are. He doesn’t like sitting around and doing nothing while he knows he can be doing something. He’s more than willing to sacrifice his life for those he loves. When he was younger he was more reckless with his fighting, however his near death experience made him reproach his fighting style. Now he fights with more caution. Rather than just jumping in, he observes his enemies and looks for weak points before striking. His time as king has also enlightened him, making him a more thoughtful person.


    Grey Dragon (Partial/50%)

    With Zydrin picking him as the host, Jorden has gained access to an ability that only 11 others share. As Jorden’s spirit connects with Zydrin, he gains access to the dragon realm, allowing him to manipulate and create grey dragon energy, such as grey flames. While in this form, the user’s eyes become reptilian like, resembling that of a lizard. Their hair stiffens up, while their nails and teeth become slightly sharper. Through the use of energy, scales may appear on the body, especially if the form is stretched to its limits. This mode is the first one obtained by dragon user and acts as a gateway to the mastered version. This form is only 50% of what mastered dragon mode can do, but this does add a buff to strength and adds more durability, allowing for the user to heal faster as well as have more endurance.

    Grey Dragon (Mastered/100%)

    This is the upgraded version of the first form of Grey Dragon. This is attained by reaching 100% synchronization with the dragon within them. This form greatly increases the user’s speed, strength, elemental use, recovery, and allows for the use of dragon energy in a greater capacity. Signs of mastery include the user’s hair turning a dull grey color.


    Physical Descritpion

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