Relationship with Jorden

"Sister tagging in!" Destiny yells, just as Jorden turns to the robot.

"What the" Jorden sputters as Destiny runs towards him. She leaps up, into the air and lands on his back for a brief moment. She uses his body to flip up into the air. Jorden looks up just in time to see his sister sticking her tongue out at him, as she glides through the air. She lands right behind the robot. She takes her pistol out and fires a blast of grey energy right in the back of the robot. The shot pierces through the robot's head, leaving a small trail of black smoke. The robot falls to the ground, creating a small puff of dust.

"Woo Hoo!" Destiny yells, as she leaps up into the air. "Headshot!"

"What the hell Destiny? I had that perfectly under control" Jorden says.

"Hey, I just saved your life be grateful." Destiny says as she sticks her tongue out, crosses her arms and turns her back to Jorden. "Plus you really think I would let you look cooler than me? Not happening"

"Well I'm at four and you're at two, so I'm still better" Jorden says. Unbeknownst to him, three more robots approach him. One from behind, one from the left, and the other from the right. Destiny turns around just in time to see them. "Just face it sis, I'll always be better than-" The sound of blaster fire forces Jorden's sentence to be cut short. Destiny swiftly takes out the three robots, each with a headshot. Jorden just stares, his mouth wide open, as his sister twirls her guns and puts them back in the holster.