Full Name

  • Monica Lewis
  • Age

    18 (Demonica)
  • 21 (Devianlon Force)
  • 23 (Devianlon Force: A World Divided)
  • 24 (Devianlon Force: Extinction)
  • 27 (Intergalactic Protection Force)
  • Bio

    Born on the continent of Paranexia, Monica was a young girl who found herself with a love of exploration. Her encounter with Deumos altered her way of thinking, causing her to allign with the ideals of the Deathtalons. During her time there, her powerful transformation made her a wild card, at the same time making her a very difficult opponent to face. During the final battle with the Deathtalons, she learned of Erebus, and remembered an encounter she had with him. Seeing as how she was a key componet in Erebus' plan, Monica promised to become strong enough to defend herself and her new allies. With a whole new battle on it's way, Monica and Deumos prepare for the most difficult battle of their lifes.


    Monica is a sweet girl who enjoys her passion. Aspects of exploration and finding new things excite her to great heights. When it comes to her personal beliefs she hates the way that Devianlons are treated. She believes in punishing those who are willing to hurt the poor and innocent. While not necessarily violent or trigger happy, she will kill if necessary to prove her point or save herself and others around her. She usually walks around with a calm demeanor. Things change when she becomes Demonica. While she can keep her calm demeanor, it is easier for her agressions to spike out. This makes her a dangerous and calculating opponent to face in battle, whether she’s in base or Demon mode.


    Demon Mode

    Demon Mode: When Monica’s spirit resonates with Deumos, the door to the demon energy realm opens, allowing for Monica and Deumos to fuse with each other. With access to the the demon energy realm, Monica turns into Demonica. Her eyes turn red and demon like while her sclera turns from white to black. Her hair exudes dusty black dots, while horns grow from her head. Her voice deepens a bit. She gains access to the demonic arts, which range immensely, which makes her one deadly opponent.


    Physical Description

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