Full Name

Ray King


  • 22 (Devianlon Force)
  • 24 (Devianlon Force A World Divided)
  • 24 (Devianlon Force Extinction)
  • 27 (Intergalactic Protection Force) (Current)
  • Bio

    Born to both Armaneus and Cordelia King, Ray always wanted to make a difference in the way Devianlons were treated. After the death of his parents, Ray and his sister Susan would become members of the Devianlo Force.Here they would encounter the Deathtalons numerous times. During one encounter with the man known as Axis, Ray unlocked a powerful new transformation known as dragon mode. Eventually Sam and Susan would betray the Devianlon Force, leading to the events of Cargonia City. After the battle, Ray went off to train with a man known as Subere, who would help him to master Dragon Mode. Soon after Ray would fight against the Deathtalons, to save his freinds. With the battle now concluded, a new threat looms over the head of Ray and his peers. Can Ray and the others protect their planet against the wrath of the Gods?


    Ray was once an expressive boy, who was never afraid to express his emotions. After the death of his parents, he became more to himself, having a much more serious attitude. Revenge consumed his soul, taking away the person he once was. After the death of Luke, Ray saw the damage that was caused and blamed himself for not being strong enough. His obsession with protecting his friends led to him being away for more than 2 years. This training made him realize the damage that he was doing to himself. He then began expressing his emotions once again, with Jasmine being the first to hear. Now intune with who he is, Ray is not afraid to smile and have a good time with those he loves, while at the same time knowing when to be serious. His kind hearted nature sticks out more as he is now always there for his friends when they need him.


    Red Dragon (Partial/50%)

    With Draco picking Ray as the host, he has gained access to an ability that only 11 others share. As Ray’s spirit connects with Draco, he gains access to the dragon realm, allowing him to manipulate and create red dragon energy, such as red flames. While in this form, the user’s eyes become reptilian like, resembling that of a lizard. Their hair stiffens up, while their nails and teeth become slightly sharper. Through the use of energy, scales may appear on the body, especially if the form is stretched to its limits. This mode is the first one obtained by dragon user and acts as a gateway to the mastered version. This form is only 50% of what mastered dragon mode can do, but this does add a buff to strength and adds more durability, allowing for the user to heal faster as well as have more endurance.

    Red Dragon (Mastered/100%)

    This is the upgraded version of the first form of Dragon. This is attained by reaching 100% synchronization with the dragon within them. This form greatly increases the user’s speed, strength, elemental use, recovery, and allows for the use of dragon energy in a greater capacity. Signs of mastery include the user’s hair turning a burning red color.


    Sprout flames from any part of his body, Fire concentrated laser like beams of energy, Create and manipulate fire, Red dragon energy

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