"Before we go, I need to ask you something" Ray says.

"What is it?" Jasmine asks. Ray rises from his chair and stands up.

"I've had time to think about my life, and those who are important to me" Ray says. "You're the one person who always seems to be in my thoughts, my dreams, I can't stop thinking of you. To get to the point. Jasmine. Will you be my girlfriend?" Ray closes his eyes as he blushes. Jasmine stands up from her chair and places both her hands on Ray's shoulders. Ray opens his eyes, seeing Jasmine with a wide smile on her face.

"Yes" Jasmine says excitedly. She smiles as she grabs onto Ray's body, giving him a huge hug. The two stare at each other, bringing their heads closer together. They both tilt their heads as they lock lips with each other. The two close their eyes as they kiss each other. After kissing for a few moments, the two move back from each other and stare into each others eyes. The two nod their heads as they go to sit back down.