Ray leaps up in the air, he flips back landing on the head of one of the robots. He places both his hands on the robot’s head. An orange flame illuminates from his hand and onto the robot's head. The metal heats up and slowly melts into itself. Ray jumps off, right as the head of the robot blows up.

Dragon Energy

A dragon starts to form and twirl around Ray's right arm. Luke releases the dark purple sphere of energy. Ray closes his eyes to finalize his attack. Right before the attack reaches Ray, he opens his eyes. "I may not win but I refuse to die without putting up a fight." Ray says. His hair turns a bright red as the red aura flares around his body. "It's all or nothing now!" He yells as he extends his hand forward with all his might. The dragon from his arm enlarges as it flies towards the blast. The dragon opens its mouth as it collides with the blast.