Full Name

Samuel Little


  • 23 (Devianlon Force)
  • 25 (Devianlon Force A World Divided)
  • 25 (Devianlon Force Extinction)
  • 28 (Intergalactic Protection Force) (Current)
  • Bio

    Born to the the leader of the Deathtalon’s Luke, Sam always faced pressure to be at the top of his game. After the death of his father, Sam took over as the leader of the Deathtalons. Under his rule, the Deathtalons were able to defeat both the Tasanlons and the Devianlon Force, to secure a temporary victory for the Deathtalons. Not long after the victory, Ray and the Devianlon Force were able to defeat him and Susan, causing the Deathtalons to cease. With the times of peace, Sam kept with his training, preparing for the day when the world would be in danger again.


    Due to the treatment from his father Luke , Sam has always been disconnected from his emotions. He usually sat with a serious and stern face. Things like happiness and love were seen as emotions that were useless to him, due to his goals. After being with Susan, Sam began to open up his feelings a bit more, showing them mainly to Susan. After the battle of Arania City, Sam’s view on his emotions changed. The man who was once a cold hearted person, now became someone who was willing to protect all the friends and family he had. It’s hard for him to express these emotions in front of people, he has no problem expressing them to Susan. Even though Sam still struggles a bit with his emotions, he is far from his non caring self, and is now a sweetheart, even if he doesn’t show it.


    Black Dragon (Partial/50%)

    With Sobek picking him as the host, Sam has gained access to an ability that only 11 others share. As Sam’s spirit connects with Sobek, he gains access to the dragon realm, allowing him to manipulate and create black dragon energy, such as black flames. While in this form, the user’s eyes become reptilian like, resembling that of a lizard. Their hair stiffens up, while their nails and teeth become slightly sharper. Through the use of energy, scales may appear on the body, especially if the form is stretched to its limits. This mode is the first one obtained by dragon user and acts as a gateway to the mastered version. This form is only 50% of what mastered dragon mode can do, but this does add a buff to strength and adds more durability, allowing for the user to heal faster as well as have more endurance.

    Black Dragon (Mastered/100%)

    This is the upgraded version of the first form of Dragon. This is attained by reaching 100% synchronization with the dragon within them. This form greatly increases the user’s speed, strength, elemental use, recovery, and allows for the use of dragon energy in a greater capacity. Signs of mastery include the user’s hair turning a suffocating black color.


    Physical Descriptions

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