Full Name

  • Susan King-Little
  • Age

  • 20 (Devianlon Force)
  • 22 (Devianlon Force A World Divided)
  • 23 (Devianlon Force Extinction)
  • 26 (Intergalactic Protection Force) (Current)
  • Bio

    Susan was born to the famous Devianlon Force members Cordelia and Armaneus King. At the young age of 15, Luke invaded her house, with plans to kill her parents. After the death of her parents, Susan soon began to experience events, that would shape her opinion. She would soon join with Sam, and become a prominent member of the Deathtalons. She became one of their strongest allies, putting up a good fight in the final battle against the Devianlon Force. After the battle, both her and Sam settled down, eventually getting married. AFter the small time of peace, the arrival of Yin and Yang, caused both her and Sam to spring back into action.


    Susan has always had that spark of optimism that her friend group needed, but as the war progressed, that optimism turned sour, as Susan began to see the world in a new light. Instead of using peace like her brother, she wants to quickly stop the violence against Devianlons rather than just wait. She is willing to kill, but only if she sees it as just in her eyes. She refuses to just been seen as Ray’s younger sister, and seeks to make a name for herself. Her time with Sam and the Deathtalons have worked to reveal the darker side to her character.


    Pink Dragon (Partial/50%)

    With Shyvna picking her as the host, Susan has gained access to an ability that only 11 others share. As Susan’s spirit connects with Shyvna, she gains access to the dragon realm, allowing her to manipulate and create pink dragon energy, such as pink flames. While in this form, the user’s eyes become reptilian like, resembling that of a lizard. Their hair stiffens up, while their nails and teeth become slightly sharper. Through the use of energy, scales may appear on the body, especially if the form is stretched to its limits. This mode is the first one obtained by dragon user and acts as a gateway to the mastered version. This form is only 50% of what mastered dragon mode can do, but this does add a buff to strength and adds more durability, allowing for the user to heal faster as well as have more endurance.

    Pink Dragon (Mastered/100%)

    This is the upgraded version of the first form of Pink Dragon. This is attained by reaching 100% synchronization with the dragon within them. This form greatly increases the user’s speed, strength, elemental use, and allows for the use of dragon energy in a greater capacity. Signs of mastery include the user’s hair turning a beautiful pink color.


    Physical Description

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