You are one with Yang energy

You're interesting viewpoint of life has led you to this path. You put yourself first and that's not a bad thing. You're not always the type to just go out and make new friends. In fact the friends you have are the main ones that you trust. You seem to have a distrust of humanity as you have seen the many bad things humanity is capable of. You don't seek to be with others, and thrive on being by yourself. When it comes down to it, you would protect yourself and always put your health first. One last thing, you are alwasy the one to chase after your dreams and seek the life that you want, rather than just have life handed to you. Based on all this, you fall within the category of Yang energy. Yang energy is any and all energy that contains negative elements. With this attack is a main advantage, but you are also able to use your abilities as a way of defense. These include energies that are much more inept at causing death and desctruction than it's counterparts Yin energy. This energy is specialized in agressive attacks which allow characters like Ray, Sam, and Black to form various weapons from the energy that they produce.

Energy color that fall within this category: Red, Black, Orange, Yellow, Brown and Grey

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